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Is My Water Feature Leaking?

Saturday, August 18th, 2012 at 10:03am. 669 Views, 0 Comments.

Evaporation can be a significant source of water loss in ponds, streams, and fountains.

Pond / Stream Evaporation:Omaha National Weather Service historical Daily Pan Evaporation Rate Average June / July - .08" -.09"

Omaha Daily Pan Evaporation rate August 14, 2012 - .1" (has been higher in the previous weeks)

Formula to figure how many gallons can evaporate within one day:

(Pan Evaporation Rate / 12 (inches in a foot)) x surface area x 7.48 (gallons in a cubic foot) = approximate daily evaporation in gallons.

Flowing water will have a higher evaporation rate than still water; minimum 2x. Can be much higher in streams and especially waterfalls. Other factors that increase or decrease the evaporation rate are wind, shade, sun, temperature, & humidity.

Example –…

Heat Stressed / Brown Turf Watering Instructions

Saturday, August 18th, 2012 at 10:03am. 583 Views, 0 Comments.

During the heat of the summer you may reach a point where areas of the lawn turn brown due to lack of enough water. When the turf has turned brown in extreme heat and as a result of lack of water it will have entered a state of dormancy.

We recommend avoiding allowing the turf to go dormant as it will place unnecessary stress on the turf and allow for weeds to infiltrate the lawn.

If the lawn has gone dormant you can bring it out of dormancy by applying significant amounts of water and soaking the areas to saturation. The recommend method to pull these areas out of dormancy is to apply water over each area for durations of 3-5 hours to completely saturate the area so it is as soft and wet; similar to a wet sponge. Water these 3-5 hour durations every 3…

Organic Lawn Care Update

Saturday, August 18th, 2012 at 10:03am. 666 Views, 0 Comments.

We've been using organic fertilizer on this lawn for 2 full seasons; this is the beginning of year 3.  The house is 11 years old and the lawn was initally installed on a typical clay fill, nutrient deficient soil. Herbicides have only been used when necessary and no pesticides have been used during that time.  These worms were all found within 2-3 minutes on the sidewalk and driveway after a rain. In addition to the nightcrawlers there were literally 1000's of small worms as well! The interesting thing is that the neighbor's sidewalks and driveways had very few worms and often none.


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